11 Healthy Weight Loss Ingredients for Smoothies

 The smoothie recipes are ideal for breakfast, lunch, evening, before and after a workout, as a hangover killer, and much more.

It has many nutritious and beneficial ingredients and is very easy to make (throw everything in the blender and keep it on!).

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But what exactly is a smoothie?

 Smoothie is normally a mixture (rather thick) of mixed fruits (and/or vegetables) sometimes diluted (especially in commerce) with fruit juices, derived from the word “smooth” (not pungent, greasy, etc.). 

weight loss smoothies ingredients

In the case of juice, the fruit is pressed out and the pulp and other solid plant components (e.g., fruit skin) remain as pomace. The juice is produced by pressing the fruit, leaving the pulp and other solid plant parts (such as the skin of the fruit) in the form of pomace. These leftovers still contain plenty of healthy components.

In a smoothie, the fruit is used in its entirety and is only peeled when necessary or the core removed if it is not edible. This also makes the consistency of a smoothie thicker.

However, there are many variations of this very trendy fruit smoothie: with cream or stirred yoghurt (for more smoothness), water (easier to drink with a straw), coconut cream, chocolate, etc.

When they are homemade, with no added sugar and with organic seasonal fruits, they are a real vitamin cocktail (provided you prepare and drink them right away…). Smoothies are the ultimate summer drinks; their effects vary depending on the ingredients: detox, healthy glow, appetite suppressant, flat stomach, vitality booster, etc.

What is a green smoothie and what ingredients should it contain?

weight loss smoothies ingredients

 Fruit smoothies focus on fruits, milk smoothies on dairy products, green smoothies on green leafy vegetables that can be eaten raw (spinach, kale, chard, etc.), salads and herbs. In addition, fruits are used to make the taste more pleasant. And a green smoothie is called green, but it can also quickly turn red or brown due to colouring ingredients (such as blueberries or beets). Green refers to the green vegetables included.

Can you detox your body with green smoothies?

weight loss smoothies ingredients

Very important: Smoothies are not detox miracles or detox drinks. Every day our liver, kidneys and other metabolic organs do everything possible for the body to extract nutrients from food and eliminate everything else (that is not needed) in known ways. So if you go to the toilet regularly, you have successfully detoxed – you don’t need detox drinks! 

In the following, we take you through the 11 best ingredients to lose weight with smoothies. You can also mix them according to your taste. Finally, there are three recipes for inspiration.

1. Pineapple

weight loss smoothies ingredients

The bromelain present in pineapple can help you lose weight and burn fat. This enzyme promotes the release of digestive enzymes and the breakdown of proteins, which in turn stimulates digestion. And if the metabolism works in a better way, then it becomes easier to lose weight.

2. Bananas 

weight loss smoothies ingredients

Bananas are high in potassium, vitamin B6, and other nutrients. They give smoothies a sweet and creamy consistency and bind the ingredients together.

 3. Spinach 

weight loss smoothies ingredients

 Spinach is the star of this weight loss smoothie recipe because with just one serving you’ll give your full daily dose of vitamin A (good for skin, hair and eyes). Along with other green highlights, you’ll also get plenty of magnesium, as well as vitamins C and K – all of which are packed with nearly 17 grams of protein.

4. Pear

weight loss smoothies ingredients

As you probably know, the fruit is in the smoothie mixer with the peel if possible. This also makes sense with the pear because its skin binds smaller amounts of fat, which then doesn’t end up on your hips. In addition, fruit is a good ingredient for weight loss due to its low-calorie content and the pectin present in it.

5. Ginger

weight loss smoothies ingredients

The hot ingredient in ginger is called gingerol and school heat fat burning. This was proven in a study by Columbia University in New York. The researchers also found that ginger also has an appetite-suppressing effect.

 6. Apple

weight loss smoothies ingredients

Apples are rich in a fibre called pectin. It forms a gel in our stomach which promotes satiety. Studies have shown that you eat 200 fewer calories per meal, and figure-friendly fruit is also very low in calories. Last but not least, fibre-rich apples keep you full for longer.

7. Berries

weight loss smoothies ingredients

 Berries contain a compound called adiponectin which helps in burning fat. This protein hormone activates the metabolism and at the same time reduces appetite – this has been proven in studies of rats. In addition, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries & Co. become figure-conscious fruits due to their low calories and high satiety effect.

8. Tomatoes

weight loss smoothies ingredients

Tomatoes also shine with their low-calorie content and stimulating effect on digestion. They are 92% pure water, which is filling and doesn’t weigh down on your hips. In addition, the vitamin C present in it supports the body in burning fat, while the potassium with its draining effect encourages the weight loss process.

weight loss smoothies ingredients

9. Lemon

weight loss smoothies ingredients

The fibres and indigestible components contained in citrus fruits are extremely filling. The acid present in it supports bile production in the liver and promotes protein digestion in the stomach. This optimizes fat digestion. In addition, the vitamin C in the lemon is a natural fat burner.

10. Celery

weight loss smoothies ingredients

Celery activates digestion and improves fat burning. It also helps in removing excess water from the body tissues. In addition, the body needs more calories to digest it than celery which is already very low in calories.

11. Parsley

weight loss smoothies ingredients

The herb is rich in vitamin C, which increases the breakdown of fats. In addition, parsley stimulates the entire digestive tract and dehydrates the body.


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