14 Signs your Cat is Happy with You

Wondering if your cat is feeling well, confident, or relaxed? In a word, happy? He shows it to you in his way, through very specific elements of body language. 

happy cat signs

It is common for cats to be described as mysterious and withdrawn animals, especially in comparison to dogs. Because of their sometimes independent behaviour and discrete manner, some people think that cats do not bond with humans and prefer to be alone, even unhappy with being in the house.

 However, there are recent studies that prove the opposite – such as the one recently published in the journal Behavioral Processes, which found that cats prefer humans to food (see here). 

If our cats do not speak, they know how to make themselves understood with their meanings. In other words, through their body language. The signals they send to us through their postures, their gestures, and their voices tell us about their state of mind. By learning to decipher them, we can know if they are happy, unhappy or trying to obtain something.

1. Purrs of love

What could be nicer than hearing your cat purr?

The purring of cats is much more complex than you can imagine and can appear at different times, as scientists have observed.

We can still say that it reflects a state of well-being and happiness for the cat.

 One is to express pleasure and joy by exposing a situation of relaxation. That’s why the sound usually appears when accompanied by the affection of the owners and even a nap on their lap. 

2. Your cat’s eyes don’t lie

The cat manifests its happiness and well-being with its eyes. If your kitten’s eyes are half closed while he’s comfortably seated next to you, he’s feeling great. Another sign of happiness and interest in what he observes is the immediate dilation of his eyes. Unless, of course, he has a reason to be scared of something, because being wide-eyed can also mean he’s on high alert.

On the other hand, if your cat blinks with its ears pointed forward, it is a sign that it is particularly fulfilled.

 3. Releasing your voice

One of the forms of communication used by cats is vocalization, which also has different goals. Typically, meows will be used for contact with humans and are often used by cats to ask for what they need. But meows can also be simply a call to play, just a conversation (have you ever seen kittens interacting with humans as if they were responding?) or even a joyous expression of seeing their owners – some meow when their owners return home! This is a sign to watch with others to understand that he is comfortable.


4. Tails that speak

By observing the tails of cats, it is possible to learn a lot about the moods of cats. When the tail is bristling, something is wrong—he may be frightened or very excited. But if the hair is normal and the tail is up, with the tip curved (forming a kind of hook), it’s a sign that the kitty is friendly or happy with life. 

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 5. He rubs against you and lifts his tail

A happy cat is also a cuddly cat. Relaxed, confident, and demanding tenderness from you, he begins to rub against you. It is also an invitation to caress that is hard to resist. Normally, when he approaches you in these moments of affection, his tail is raised and only the end of it is curved. There again, it is a sign which does not deceive; your cat is happy, relaxed and enjoys your company.

6. His demeanour is relaxed

happy cat signs

Your cat’s happiness can be read in its postures, like when he stands on his back and exposes his stomach to you. This attitude shows that he has complete confidence in you and that he feels happy.

7. Body language says it all

Apart from the tail, there are other ways for the body to express feelings of joy and comfort. The most obvious is tummy up: cats only stay in this position when they are completely calm about danger. It is a very clear sign of protection, so if your kitten has the habit of showing her belly and still accepts caresses there, you are very much loved by her! The half-closed eyes, with slow blinks, also show disambiguation for surrounding dangers.

8. He sleeps with you

Like all animals, cats need to sleep in a place where they feel protected. If he cuddles up to you to spend the night, it’s a great sign of confidence. He feels completely safe.

9. He has an appetite and is active

Your cat’s appetite is a good indicator of his state of mind and health. Does he seem to enjoy what he eats and empty his bowl? It’s like he’s happy. If, on the contrary, he refuses to eat, it is because something is disturbing him.

The same observation concerning its activity If he runs in all directions, plays, and grooms himself normally (without frantic licking), you can rest easy; your cat is fine.

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10. Make out/fluff

This is a behaviour that cats have had since they were little, used to stimulate the flow of milk in mothers. For this reason, the act of fluffing/kneading blankets, pillows or the belly of the owners is associated with pleasure and represents the security that the cat has in the owner to reproduce the custom with him.

This is a behaviour that cats have had since they were little and is used to stimulate the flow of milk in mothers. For this reason, the act of fluffing or kneading blankets, pillows, or the belly of the owner is associated with pleasure and represents the security that the cat has in the owner to reproduce the custom with him.

 11. He sleeps in your stuff

Odours are most important to cats. If your cat sleeps on clothes that smell like you, it’s because it reassures him and fulfils one of his primary needs: “to be safe”. 

12. Hygiene up to date

For cats, hygiene is also a sign of well-being and health in order. Licking sessions and taking care of the litter box are part of the pets’ ritual to keep cleaning up to date, and can even indicate that something is wrong if they are not happening. In addition, if the cat takes a few moments to lick the owners too, look what an honour: he is also watching over the tutor and taking care of the way he understands to be good!

13. He dialogues with you

Yes, your cat is talking to you! Well, not with our articulate language, but by her meow. If you have a cat, you know that she doesn’t meow the same way every time. If a deep, loud meow expresses anger or fear, you can be reassured when the title is loud and soft. It’s that kitty is happy and feels good with you. He talks to you!

 14. He squints

If your cat looks at you with squinted eyes, it indicates his well-being. You can watch it by doing the same. However, looking your animal directly in the eyes is not recommended!

The best way to make your cat happy is to care for him and show it in every way you can, also respecting, of course, his space and time to discover and adventure. He will quickly see in you a figure of security and comfort, for all hours. 💛

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