How to Keep Cats out of Christmas Trees: 12 Tips You Should Follow

 The end-of-the-year celebrations are getting closer, and it’s time to install and decorate the Christmas tree. But that family moment you love so much creates difficulties for many cat guardians. These mischievous and playful creatures love to climb and trash your Christmas tree.

how to keep cats out of christmas trees

How to protect your Christmas tree from your cat?

In reality, there are no tricks to permanently keep your cat away from attacking the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an attraction for the cat, which is curious by nature.

The good news: A few tricks will keep your four-legged friend from attacking the Christmas tree that sits in your living room. In addition to applying these tips, prefer an artificial fir tree over a natural one. The thorns can be dangerous to cats if they chew and swallow them. And bet on a smaller model: the larger the tree, the less stable it is. Therefore, there is a high risk that it will be attacked by cats.

Through this article, we are sharing 12 tips to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree. So, read this article completely.

1. To choose the type of tree 

The first step in keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree is choosing the type of tree that is most suitable for you and your cat.

Between a real pine tree and a synthetic one, the second one is probably the safest choice: its needles are less sharp than those of a natural pine tree. We do not recommend that you choose large trees. In fact, if your cat climbs in there despite your efforts to stop it, the damage will be greater.

 2. Choose a strategic location

Then, try to position the tree in the best spot to prevent your cat from climbing it. Place it in an open area with plenty of space, with no nearby objects or furniture that your cat can jump on.


3. Tree with a very firm and solid base

Prefer a tree with a very firm and solid base so that it is as stable as possible if your cat decides to jump on it. If you still choose a natural pine tree, be aware that your cat may be poisoned by drinking water from the tree and avoid using fertilizers or products that may be harmful to the cat at all costs.

4. Not to decorate the lower third of the tree

We advise you not to decorate the lower third of the tree, at the level of the animal’s eyes: if your cat does not see any decorations, his curiosity and interest in the tree will decrease, same as the probability that he jumps on the Christmas tree.

how to keep cats out of Christmas trees

It would be ideal to mount the tree on a ceiling or wall to ensure more stability and prevent it from falling easily. If possible, close off the room where the tree is at night or when no one is around to watch the animal.

After placing the tree, let your cat approach it and satisfy its curiosity, but discourage it if it seems like it wants to jump on it. For this, it would be a good idea to have a spray bottle filled with water: if your pet pretends to climb the tree, spray it and say “no” in a firm voice. Once he gets splashed with water a few times for trying to climb it, he’ll understand that a Christmas tree is no fun toy.

5. Decorate it with pine cones

This 100% natural decoration in the spirit of Christmas has the strange ability to keep some cats away. Arrange pine cones around the trunk to discourage your animal.

6. Surround with citrus

Cats generally hate the smell of lemons, oranges and citrus. Cut an orange in half, place a clove in the middle, and place it near your conifer.

7. Spray lemongrass
Lemongrass is another very good repellent. Dilute a few drops of lemongrass essential oil in water and spray the mixture onto the branches of the tree. This trick can spread a fresh fragrance on your interior.
8. Use apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, including repelling curious animals. Like lemongrass, it can be sprinkled on trees to keep your cat away.
9. Use aluminium foil
Now that the tree is in place, cover its base with aluminium foil. This trick doesn’t work for all cats, but most cats are startled by the sound of aluminium foil and have a repellent effect for the cat, who hates the feel of it and the feel of clawing it. In this way, you will prevent him from stepping on the base to climb the tree. In addition, aluminium prevents the animal from urinating on the base.
10. Minimize temptations

First, avoid decorations that are too attractive to your cat, such as those that dangle, move, or make a lot of noise. Customize your decorations to limit temptation and thus prevent your cat from climbing the tree. Say goodbye to fairy hair, and light garlands and favour opaque balls and wooden decorations. Also avoid placing gifts under the tree before New Year’s Eve, as ribbons attract the cats.
11. Create a playground

If your cat has other occupations, he may find the Christmas tree a lot less interesting. Create a space for him with several toys and a cat tree to keep him entertained away from your decorations.
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12. Spray your cat with water

Above tricks not working? Last try: When your cat approaches the tree, spray its coat with water. While completely harmless, this behavioural therapy can be very effective (though not foolproof). Repeat if necessary, always gently. In the same spirit, you can use positive reinforcement to encourage your cat to use the correct toys: for example, if he goes to your cat tree instead of the tree, give him a treat as a reward. 

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